Our product portfolio

Since many years we are specialized in remarketing, in addition to new and remanufactured (renew) products. We provide demo- and exposition systems as well as new and used
hardware from returns of customers.


Original products from your HPE- and Dell-Partner


We have servers from Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and Dell in our product range. We also offer workstations from HP, Dell and Fujitsu. In addition you can also buy a wide range of server components from us like processors, RAM, SSDs, HDDs etc. Storage and Network components are also part of our product range.

Please have a look at our onlineshop servermind.de to see what components we currently have in stock. If you´re searching something specific don´t hesitate to contact us. We may  be able to help you getting the parts you need.


What distinguishes our products:


- Original products only:

We offer all servers according to the specifications of the manufacturers. We don´t sell OEM-products or compatible-products.

- Labelling:

Original devices and original components are marked as originals with specific manufacturer labels.

- Perfect condition:

We only offer devices without any defects. All devices and components are visually and technically in perfect condition.

- Tested:

Before delivery our technicians run tests on every single product by using specific programs from the manufacturers.


3 years warranty for end costumers


We have high quality standards. Before delivery we always test our products and only sell those without any defects.

Before shipping our skilled technicians ensure the high quality of our used products by an optical and technical refurbishment and by using professional test-software. If servers or components you´ve bought from us get defective some time after delivery, we offer replacement free of charge within our 3 years warranty period. In which cases we replace defective products and in which cases our 3 years warranty is not being affective you can read in our service conditions.