Assembly service on request

Every system configured by us will get delivered as a complete unit. Our technicians will built in all components into the server you have selected either online or directly ordered from our experts. Before shipping our technicians always run tests to minimize your DOA-risk.

If you´d like to sell the configured system you have ordered from us, you have the option to send it per blind shipping to your end customer. That´s how you can avoid extra costs.


Your direct line to our experts


Our experts are happy to help you in configuring a server that meets your needs. If you´d like our experts to assist you in choosing the perfect parts for your server please contact us either by phone (+49 89 3066941-0) or by email ( We look forward to hearing from you.


Easy CTO - order easily online


You have exact expectations what server you´d like to buy and what parts should be included? In this case you can easily configure your complete system online by selecting all parts with our configurator in our servermind shop.


Order your completely configured server in just a few steps


Firstly you need to select a manufacturer and a base server model. If you click on "Selbst konfigurieren" you can choose between a wide range of additional components and add those to the preselected, necessary components like rack, heat sink, fan,.. Now it´s your turn how you´d like to equip your server system. You can choose between a great selection of SSDs, MEM, processors, ... Of course we only provide components which are compatible to the server model you have selected before. You don´t need to worry about the compatiblity of components and server model.


Below links are forwarding you to the online configurator in our shop:


Configurator for HPE server >

Configurator for Dell server >